The Three Magic Words to Case Presentation

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If you’re familiar with my “little hinges swing big doors” saying then you’ll understand why it is so important to focus your attention and time on the right things. So many doctors unfortunately focus on the wrong things and as a result have little to show for it financially.

One of the biggest doors your hinges can swing in just about any practice is in case presentation. For example if you are a young practice you may have a small patient base with a dynamic new patient flow. Alternatively you could be a more mature practice with weak new patient flow but a solid patient base delivering adequate recall. Now think of the dramatic increase in revenue that a 10% increase in case acceptance could make. As your overheads like rent, operating costs, wages, etc. remain fixed this increase would ultimately lead to increased bottom line profits.

So how do we achieve this increased case acceptance? It all boils down to 3 MAGIC WORDS…

There are multitudes of scripts out there that you can use to help present case presentation. Most take time to learn and rehearse and then when it comes to regurgitating them, in many instances they never seems to come out right or just doesn’t have the desired effect with the right reaction. The main reason being that you must be able to deliver your message with PASSION and SINCERITY. If you are part of my Dental Profit Secrets Transformation Program you will have heard me go on about how passion and sincerity sells.

Buying decisions are all based upon emotion and then followed by logic or reason. Logic and reason are also important factors to consider but only after you’ve connected with the patient’s emotional need or interest. Now a script won’t work unless you are ABSOLUTELY GENUINE about how you feel with what you are conveying to your patient. If you are concerned about your patients dental condition then TELL THEM. So what 3 words will help improve your case acceptance? Simply say “I’m really concerned.”

“Mrs Smith, I’m really concerned about your molar on the left hand side of your bottom jaw. I really think that Dr. Nice needs to see this right away. I’ll have to make sure that he inspects this before we finish your cleaning today.”
Notice that this is not coming from the doctor but rather the hygienist. Why? Because in the absence of symptoms, patients are more likely to accept the need for treatment by another staff member other than the doctor.

You see if the doctor spots and brings this up with the patient, then the patient is likely to think that doctor may have an ulterior financial motive behind it. Coming from another staff member though the asymptomatic patient is far more likely to feel that their primary concern is for the patient’s well being and what’s in their best interest.

So when the doctor enters the room and the hygienist highlights their concerns about the findings on an intraoral photo, x-ray, perio chart or whatever, then the doctor must repeat their concerns. “Rebecca, I’m glad you brought this to my attention as this IS a concern.” Now from here on you can you can use your most appropriate verbal skills to effectively conclude the case presentation. If the prelude to your case presentation contains those 3 magic words you’ll find a measureable increase in case acceptance, even where symptoms aren’t apparent.

Is your Practice suffering from any of the following symptoms?

Allow me to ask you a few questions…

  • Are you frustrated with patients that don’t reschedule or accept recommended treatment?
  • Is your hygienist producing less than $250,000pa?
  • Would you like to add an associate to your practice but don’t quite know how?
  • Do you realise the need to increase patient flow but don’t know how?
  • Are patient no-shows and last minute cancellations bleeding the profit from your practice, destroying otherwise solid days?
  • Do you have team members that have NOT received a bonus in the last six months?
  • Does it feel like you are working way too hard for far too little in return?
  • Are you searching for the best way to increase patient flow and build your practice?
  • Would you like to be able to hire superstar staff members that genuinely want your practice to be the best it can?
  • Are you considering expanding your practice to multiple locations or acquiring an existing practice but need help organising consistently effective systems?
  • Are you just not making enough profit to be able to retire at a reasonable age and to a lifestyle you desire?
  • Are you considering selling your practice in the future some time but are concerned about your financial position?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above then I can help you

From leaving my country at the threat of gunpoint I arrived in Australia almost penniless and from scratch created several multi-million dollar businesses in varying industries ranging from technology to retail and manufacturing. But it wasn’t all plain sailing. I faced the barrel of almost sheer bankruptcy through a business I newly acquired just weeks before the Global Financial Crisis hit. I have however successfully grown it into a formidable market leader in its area.

As a winner of multiple business awards and gaining official recognition by members of Parliament and other prominent figures, I have helped numerous business owners, including dentists, in some cases add $100,000’s to their businesses profits.

Now in a position where I have systems in place in my own businesses, I no longer need to work and I have slowed down to enjoy life more around my family. My primary business focus being to help dentists grow their practice and wealth.

This developed as a result of assisting my distressed sister in-law, who is a Dentist in Greece. When the infamous debt crisis hit in 2010…Greece was hit hard! Her dental practice experienced a phenomenal decline. No one could afford dental care and patient flow almost literally came to a standstill.

Helping her gave me a great insight in to the dental world and how hard you work to keep your practice running. And I thought it was time “someone” here in Australia helped Dentists unlock the earning potential within their practice so you can stop having to work so hard and start enjoying more financial rewards and more time off to spend with family and friends or simply enjoy life more.

People I’ve assisted come from extreme rural locations to densely populated metropolitan centres.

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Best wishes for your success,


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by Darryl Phipson

After virtually leaving his home at gunpoint Darryl migrated to Australia almost penniless. From scratch, he created several million dollar businesses in varying sectors ranging from information marketing to retail and manufacturing. With over 25 years of hands on experience in emotion based direct response marketing, business building and management, Darryl is a sought after coach, mentor and managing director for a few carefully selected successful companies. Darryl has mastered the ability to excel in the marketing and management of businesses including dental businesses, putting patients in chairs, quality patients. That’s what his clients pay him really well to do.

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