Throw This Patient Out At All Costs

Throw This Patient Out At All Costs

This has probably happened to you in your practice, perhaps more than once. Setting a simple protocol about how to handle this is paramount. It will gain increased respect and appreciation for you from your staff and alleviate the issue of a potentially negative impact on your team members IF you take appropriate action and terminate this person from your practice immediately.

Picture this…
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Five Facebook Blunders Most Dental Practices Make

facebook blunders

Nowadays from a marketing point of view it’s imperative for your practice to engage in social media, and if done correctly it can be very instrumental to its growth. Get this wrong though and it can be detrimental to your practice’s image. Of all the competing social media sites out there like, Twitter, Google Plus+, Instagram, Linkedin, Printerest and Tumblr, to mention just a few, Facebook is one of the most popular sites. If your practice only has one social media page I’d strongly recommend that it’s Facebook.

What I want to share with you today are 5 blunders most practices make on Facebook and how to manage your page so that works in a positive way for both you and your practice.

So to start with think about the last time you went to a party and were chatting with someone, and all the time you were thinking of a way to extricate yourself from the conversation. Why? Because that person was so boring. Well the same applies you your Facebook page which is why this is the biggest blunder you can make is…
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The Three Magic Words to Case Presentation

case acceptance

If you’re familiar with my “little hinges swing big doors” saying then you’ll understand why it is so important to focus your attention and time on the right things. So many doctors unfortunately focus on the wrong things and as a result have little to show for it financially.

One of the biggest doors your hinges can swing in just about any practice is in case presentation. For example if you are a young practice you may have a small patient base with a dynamic new patient flow. Alternatively you could be a more mature practice with weak new patient flow but a solid patient base delivering adequate recall. Now think of the dramatic increase in revenue that a 10% increase in case acceptance could make. As your overheads like rent, operating costs, wages, etc. remain fixed this increase would ultimately lead to increased bottom line profits.

So how do we achieve this increased case acceptance? It all boils down to 3 MAGIC WORDS…
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What Not to Post on Facebook

what not to post on facebook

I speak to a lot of dentists and office managers who tell me that they just can’t think of anything to post on a daily or weekly basis to their Facebook page.

Now remember the purpose of your Facebok page is to get customer engagement and give them a sense of how friendly, warm, caring, inviting and professional your practice is. It is not you provide them with clinical information. They can get this from your main website. And speaking of your main website, make sure that there’s a link to it from your Facebook page and vice versa. Wherever possible include photos featuring the dentist(s) and team members and try to keep any topics as light, fun, humorous and cheerful as possible.

So here, in random order are a few suggestions for you…
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