Dentists spend years at Dental School learning the delicate medical techniques and procedures required of their profession. Unfortunately during their studies little, if any time is actually spent on showing them how to market and run their business’s, manage staff, get and keep quality patients.

Dental Marketing Success has been specifically created to fill these gaps as well as supplying dentists with the necessary skills to help patients perceive the immediate and urgent need for care.

Our goals are to are to enable dentists to provide uncompromising patient care, do their best dentistry on each end every patient and gain higher case acceptance. This is emotionally and professionally rewarding as well as profitable and the biggest win–win for dentists and their patients alike.

We assist dentists to build the necessary team, decrease the stress and increase the enjoyment of practicing dentistry. At the same time increasing profits for the practice, the team, and the doctor in as little time as possible whilst having a lot of fun along the way.

Darryl Phipson

Meet the Creator

Darryl Phipson (founder)
After virtually leaving his home at gunpoint Darryl migrated to Australia almost penniless. From scratch, he created several million dollar businesses in varying sectors ranging from information marketing to retail and manufacturing.

Although not a dentist himself, with a gift for business and a direct marketing expert Darryl has helped business owners, including dentists, add $100,000’s to their business profits. Authoring four books with a fifth on the way, these and other publications of his have been renowned in the Australian small business sector.

Products and opportunities that he has created have featured in every major Australian newspaper as well as numerous business magazines locally and internationally. His businesses have won numerous awards and his success has been officially recognised by numerous members of parliament including on behalf of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and other prominent figures.

With over 25 years of hands on experience in emotion based direct response marketing, business building and management, Darryl is a sought after coach, mentor and managing director for a few carefully selected companies.

Darryl has mastered the ability to excel in the marketing and management of dental businesses and is renowned for helping doctors identify the untapped opportunities that lie hidden in their practices to make them wildly successful.